there’s nowhere to hide from the ghost in my mind

Best of Spring Awakening 1NT CastExtended Run: 1x1
Mama Says (You Can’t Back Down) - Footloose the Musical
        “mama says
        don’t hold your breath for longer than an hour
        the woman knows where it’s at!”

newsies color analysis


Violet opening night curtain call

Rory O’Malley goes backstage at the Book Of Mormon

Are we seeing double? TWO McNamaras?! Elle McLemore & Lisanne Falk: a cheerleader legacy. #PassingtheBaton at #HeathersMusical

les misérables; colours
(inspired by x)


"Do you get back to see your family a lot? Do you go back to Massachusetts?"
"Um, yeah. I wanna get back to Boston more. I was supposed to go home for Easter, but, I’m sort of terrified of Easter, because… eight years ago I knocked out my two front teeth, during a blindfolded Easter egg hunt."