2UMMER014 MUSIC VIDEO by Andrew Keenan-Bolger

dear dad, or god, or whatever.


stark sands tells a story about how he texts cyndi lauper (and then sings “step one”)

look at this beautiful insta. look at that childhood photo look at that selfie look at that photographic talent. yep youre right this is another follow my ig post!!! so please do follow me, boringsarah, thanks love ya

I wanted them to see him for Brody. I’m his biggest fan, he’s one of my best friends, and I couldn’t be happier for him and his success. He’s amazing in Pitch Perfect. The minute I can get him on Glee, I want him on the show.” - Lea Michele



she won’t be cured, she won’t be tamed
she won’t let go of something that she knows cannot be named

my dad’s record collection is huge and I am extremely overwhelmed (#records)

arthurdarvvill: bonnie and clyde?

yesssss you got the last one 

  1. into the woods (guessed by watsssson)
  2. pippin (guessed by bnguyen17)
  3. assassins (guessed by watsssson)
  4. bonnie & clyde (guessed by arthurdarvvill)
  5. little shop of horrors (guessed by mydivisionistimetravel)
  6. the last five years (guessed by rebeccasbaxter)
  7. cabaret (guessed by anon)
  8. next to normal (guessed by cynthia-weil)
  9. cinderella (guessed by lucresias)
  10. sunday in the park with george (guessed by raise-youup)

and that’s the end!!